Below are some examples to show where I worked on projects by hand or managed teams.

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  • I’ve managed a range of projects / teams at digital marketing agencies (SEO, SEM, marketing automation, content, PR, design, email marketing, client services, sales) and I’ve also done extensive hands-on strategic work.
  • My competitive research experience goes especially deep in healthcare, SaaS, dating, automotive, auto loans, real estate, consumer goods, image search, digital marketing agencies, and consumer goods.

From the Last 5 Years


Deep SEO strategy,  KPI goal tracking, competitive research, user interface design, new blog, ad campaigns, Web analytics analysis, video research


Created new SEO focused lead generation Website to funnel leads for Daavlin.com, KPI goal tracking, competitive research



SEO research, strategy, project rollouts, KPI goal tracking, competitive research


SEO and usability research, KPI goal tracking, competitive research


SEO and usability research, various projects, KPI goal tracking, competitive research

5 Years Ago or More

Sybase (acquired by SAP)

SEO strategy, SEO vendor management, page layouts, Website redesign research, ads

xcavator.net by Cognisign

Usability research, built new marketing team, PR, content, team management, various projects, KPI goal tracking, competitive research


Directed marketing agency with hundreds of auto dealer clients, created marketing strategies for eBizAutos.com


Managed site and projects for new car portal with millions of pages



When I was a marketing agency director, here is an example of one automotive client


Prior to directing the marketing agency for eBizaAutos, I directed this marketing agency with dozens of team members and over a hundred clients