Day: October 12, 2015

Why Build a Strong SEO Foundation?

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Build a Strong SEO Foundation

Between inbound and outbound marketing programs, it’s essential to build a strong SEO foundation. This is for brand new Websites, Website redesigns, and new Content Management System rollouts.

  • People frequently search online to find what they need using the major search engines, specialty search engines, directories, and other Websites. SEO can help sustain long-term growth in these areas.
  • Working with a marketing automation platform, it is always good that landing pages and sections people click to are ready to rank for SEO.
  • Pages linked from PPC, SEM, and display ads can get indexed and used for SEO. This happens when people share or link to pages they find from online ads.
  • If you don’t think print ads, tradeshows, or events align with SEO, think again! When people go online and type in your URL (or save time and search through Google), those visits can result in emails, social media shares, Website links, or articles.
  • When your SEO program has scaled in weeks or months to deliver results that exceed your expectations, you may be able to spend less on ads. The extra spend could be focused on more SEO projects.