Day: September 8, 2015

Four Techniques to Help Succeed When Launching Projects Online

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Tips to help succeed when launching projects online

Launching new projects live on a Website can be exciting. It is easy to imagine how immediate the results can be and then get surprised after launch that things were better or different than you hoped. Here are four techniques to help succeed when launching projects online.

Test New Projects With Paid Ads

Paid ads through your SEM program can speed up tests for new functionality. You can basically turn on the faucet with text or banner ads and within hours or days have enough data to make next decisions. Some good examples where to place paid ads are through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If budget is low you could consider SEO, content, social media, and email marketing to choose from. If there are significant SERP rankings already as well as a social media audience, data can build faster without increasing ad spend.

It Helps to Test and Just Get Started!

Quite often, a new project that eventually will work (or won’t work without edits) may take longer than expected to launch. Reasons may be that it is more complex than expected, stakeholders need to be involved for more meetings, or team members are too busy on other projects. While these are all real reasons a project may get delayed, there are many projects worth getting something moving faster (whether just pushing live or using A/B testing). Since there will usually be unexpected insights learned from a new project, some data will be accrued when the project is ready to launch in full. This can help when you need to make course corrections, and ultimately mean building more successful projects.

When in Doubt, Start Small

If you’re worried a project may waste ad spend or get SEO rankings penalized, start small with less pages, a small section, or a site that isn’t important.

Experience Can Save a TON of Time

If you’ve been rolling out projects in different verticals and monitoring metrics closely, you can work on building a stronger foundation based on real experience. With more types of projects you roll out and industries you work in, you can start to notice trends, similarities, and differences.

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